Detroit Charter

The Detroit Charter and City Government

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Annotations By: Jacqueline Bejma

Sec. 9-701. Risk Management Council

The Risk Management Council is an advisory body to the Mayor comprised of:

  1. A chairperson, appointed by the Mayor, who shall be an appropriately qualified Mayoral cabinet-level official, which may not be any person identified in this section;
  2. The Corporation Counsel;
  3. The Chief of Police;
  4. The Finance Director;
  5. The Human Resources Director;
  6. The Auditor General;
  7. A City Council designee who is a city employee, other than a member of City Council;
  8. The Inspector General; and
  9. The Transportation Director.

Sec. 9-702. Duties

In addition to their regular duties, members of the Risk Management Council shall have the following duties:

  1. Make recommendations to the Mayor, and have authority to implement the Mayor’s directives concerning implementation of policies, programs and activities to minimize exposure or liability of the City to claims and damages.
  2. Produce, with the assistance of the Finance Department, a quarterly report that summarizes its evaluation, monitoring and coordination of the City’s comprehensive risk management strategy.
  3. Prepare for the Mayor and City Council an annual strategic risk management report, in conjunction with the Finance Department, which evaluates the effectiveness of risk management functions within the City. Included in the report shall be recommendations on, and identification of, city-wide and agency and department specific, risk reduction strategies and projected savings from implementation of these strategies.
  4. The Risk Management Council and Finance Department shall formulate a cost system to monitor, control and report on all potential risk and liability costs to the City of Detroit.
  5. Assisted by the Finance Department, the Risk Management Council shall provide an annual report to the Mayor and City Council summarizing claims that have been paid by the City on risk related matters including, but not limited to, the settlement of lawsuits, pre-litigation claims and worker’s compensation claims. The report shall provide recommendations for risk avoidance and liability exposure reduction measures related to these claims. Release of the report shall coincide with the Mayor’s annual submission of the proposed budget to City Council.

Annually the Risk Management Council shall assess the administration and effectiveness of safety, liability and risk reduction functions in each city agency, and report findings and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. The City shall make an annual appropriation for the operation of the Risk Management Council that is adequate to perform its duties.

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