DetCharter WatchDogs

DetCharter WatchDogs

What is a DetCharter WatchDog?

DetCharter Watchdogs are community members who are committed to the betterment of the City of Detroit through education, the sharing of information and active engagement of fellow citizens and our elected officials. We hold our government and our community members accountable for their actions and the implementation of initiatives that will make Detroit the place it will be in the future – for us, for our children, for our grandchildren and for all generations to come.

Become a DetCharter WatchDog!

My Pledge:

  1. I am a DetCharter WatchDog!

  2. I pledge to use my eyes and ears to educate myself about important local issues;

  3. I pledge to use my nose to sniff out corruption and abuse in my government;

  4. I pledge to use my mouth and hands to communicate my opinions, spread truthful information and resources to my community and VOTE in every election.

  5. I am a DetCharter WatchDog!

Who is DetCharter?

In December of 2010 Jacqueline Bejma and Alexander Derdelakos began to closely follow the City of Detroit Charter Revision Commission. After a few short weeks we quickly realized that for such an historic moment the Commission was getting far too little attention from the community and press. Seizing on the opportunity for change we mobilized and created; an independent, citizen operated organization. Our mission is to educate the community on the actions taken by the Commission while providing a forum for citizen input.